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Travel alone or invite your friends as companions

The game can be played solo or with multiple players from the beginning, and progress through scaled bosses to the end. Your character will never be locked to one build. Choose your weapon and gear to fight, change it up at any time, or mix and match to find the best setup for the situation.

Go underground

Explore the world of different bosses, monsters, biomes, cave systems, villages, dungeons and more. Mine, find treasure, craft armor, weapons, potions, food and more to prepare your character for the next challenge.

Build your own settlements

Start your settlement and recruit settlers to work for you. Manage your settlers, keep them happy, trade with them and fight off threats that want to invade your settlement. Build a farm, go fishing and supply yourself with food and powerful potions and buffs that will help you progress through the game.

And much more

Tons of quality of life features like inventory sorting/managing, vicinity crafting, smart mining, auto door and more.

Find, collect and style up with cosmetics, pets and mounts.

Create circuit networks and traps to kill incoming enemies.

Host a dedicated server for you and your friends to play on.